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Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg and Rabbi Gary Schoenberg of Gesher invite you to a joyous, sumptuous and spiritually connecting

 FRIDAY, August 17 and 24, 7PM

Shabbat dinners

at Gesher

                 A Very Festive Potluck Vegetarian feast

10701 SW 25th Avenue

Space is limited, so RSVPs are necessary.  

Shabbat Dinner is a very different meal at Gesher.  It is an island of being in a world of doing.  While feasting, we provide time for people to connect at the table.  We engage in meaningful conversations that lead from candle light and into song.  If you enjoy cooking, and would like to bring a special vegetarian dish to share- appetizer, salad, main dish or dessert- your culinary contribution would enhance our experience together and would be appreciated. Please let the rabbis know by writing what you plan to bring in "additional notes."  

Call 503 246-5070 if you have any questions about what is appropriate.

There is no charge for this meal.

If you would like to contribute a donation to Gesher for this experience, you are invited to do so here:



If you would like to arrive early - as early as 5:45 pm, you are usually welcome to come then.  (Please call ahead 503 246-5070, to make sure that early arrival is OK on the particular Shabbat that you are visiting.)  You will have a chance to learn more about and participate in Shabbat preparations.