Hanukah at Gesher—Come Celebrate!  All Celebrations are at Gesher, the home of Rabbis Laurie and Gary

First Night of Hanukah Tuesday, December 12, 6 pm  Come one, come all!  Make (or bring) your own menorah, Candle light, singing, latkes, celebrate Hanukah in our home.  We will kick off Gesher's celebration of Hanukah with light and delight! RSVP a must

Shabbat Hanukah at Gesher: Friday, December 15th at 5:30 pm - All are invited to a delicious Shabbat Dinner and joyous Hanukah Celebration at Gesher. Let us create community together amidst the darkness of the season and savor the deep replenishment of Shabbat and the light and hope of Hanukah.  Candle light, melody, latkes, homemade Hanukah jelly donuts, meaningful discussion, joy.  RSVP is a must

Hanukah for Young Families, Saturday, December 16th at 4 pm —A Hanukah celebration for younger children and their families.  Hanukah menorah making, gelt making and a play (Eric Kimmel's The Hanukah Guest). A Hanukah feast with Latkes and home-made Hanukah jelly donuts (sufganiyot), gelt, dreydel games, havdallah. RSVP is a must

Adults Only Hanukah Celebration, Last Night of Hanukah, Tuesday, December 19th at 6 pm—Especially for those of us yearning to find ways to find more light in our lives or to share our light with others.  Homemade latkes, donuts, Shikker Rebbe wine, very festive potluck vegetarian, a meaningful conversation about our journey through this season (and world) of diminished light, and the ways we can savor the light.  Festive potluck vegetarian.  RSVP is a must

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