Intimate and Inspiring Rosh Hashanah Seder and Services at Gesher

High Holy Days are, in Hebrew, called the Days of fear/awe.  There is no preparation really.  Even those of us who hear the clarion call for the whole month of Elul that precedes Rosh Hashanah feel overwhelmed by the demand to face the spiritual opportunity presented by the intense Jewish season that begins on Rosh Hashanah. This year is no different.  Especially for unaffiliated Jews, who may be more used to being Jewish in hiding (or more precisely, being hidden from Jewish offerings of spiritual opportunity) than celebrating.  So, Gesher - A Bridge Home approaches this High Holy Day season with some careful attempt to provide an alternative to walking into services and feeling overwhelmed and estranged. 

What Gesher offers is this two  intimate Rosh Hashanah experiences. Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg and Rabbi Gary Schoenberg extend an invitation to wine and dine, to explore traditional prayers at a pace that will allow for conversation of the heart, and the opportunity to be still with your soul in the forest. Come Sunday night (RSVP a must) or Monday, or both.

Wednesday, september 20  -  3rd Annual Rosh Hashanah Seder, 5:30 pm

On Rosh Hashanah evening, we will visit Moroccan and Spanish/Portuguese Jewish customs around the table and dine on a vegetarian feast.  Nourishment and joy will mix with the quest for a better self and a better universe. There is room for only 45 participants, so you will have to RSVP early.

When: Wednesday, September 20,  5:30 pm

Where: Gesher, 10701 SW 25th Avenue in Portland

RSVP a must

A vegetarian feast of traditional High Holy Day foods will be served.

Donation requested: $36/adult; $12/ child. No one is turned away for inability to pay.


Thursday, September 21, 10 am    An Intimate Spiritual Journey on Rosh Hashanah Day

A setting for sharing deep quests and questions, using our Rosh Hashanah prayerbook, the sounds of the shofar, poetry and art as our roadmap for a spiritual morning. We invite you to stay (or just come) for a festive potluck vegetarian lunch about 1 pm and to join us, at about 2 pm, for a community walk from Gesher to Marshall Park (about 1/2 hour each way) for Tashlich - storytelling by a beautiful stream and a bridge (a gesher), where we have an opportunity for committing to our own efforts at growth and change.  

When: Thursday, September 21, beginning at 10 am; Very festive potluck vegetarian lunch (about 1 pm), with a Tashlich walk at 2 pm

Where: Gesher, 10701 SW 25th Avenue in Portland

RSVP appreciated but not necessary for the day time celebration and lunch.