Celebrate Shabbat at Gesher

Shabbat is an island of being in a world of doing.  To get the island, you need a bridge (a gesher).  Our home is called Gesher, because it is a bridge.  It provides a feast, with candlelight, melody, nourishing food, meaningful conversation and a joyful experience.  We will be welcoming people, familiar or unfamiliar with Shabbat, to our Shabbat dinner experience on April 20 and 27.  RSVP is a must.

Welcome the stranger, rekindle Jewish homes, rebuild village life and impart a deeper sense of belonging.


Founded by Rabbi Gary Schoenberg and Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg, Gesher: A Bridge Home is an organization that has revolutionized Jewish outreach through the development of nourishing, joyous Jewish experience.  Based in Portland, Oregon, Gesher develops connection through building community around experiences of Jewish home life.



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