A Jewish home kindles flames to celebrate Shabbat and holidays.

A Jewish home provides nourishment and joy to all who participate.

A Jewish home is filled with laughter and tears that inscribe important moments of the day in the hearts of those who dwell in its midst.

A Jewish home welcomes strangers, and makes them friends.

A Jewish home is filled with images of Jews in the quest to be connected to this world in a passionate and value based manner.

A Jewish home is filled with books.  Books that include the deep wisdom of Torah, the resilience of our people, its vision, and the struggles of the day.

A Jewish home is filled with learning, and honors and celebrates learning.

A Jewish home is filled with the smells of soup cooking on the stove.

A Jewish home celebrates birth as a community celebration.

A Jewish home shares the burden of loss, and is the center of comfort during mourning.

A Jewish home makes food a source of delight, a medium of values and vision, and a means of replenishment.

A Jewish home is filled with extended family or friends at least weekly, and honors connections between generations.

A Jewish home is filled with stories that have deeper meanings, and are sources of humor and delight.

A Jewish home is filled with melodies and songs that reach the soul.

A Jewish home celebrates Shabbat and holidays joyfully, with special meals, its symbol of joy - wine or grape juice - drunk in moderation, singing, blessings and thoughtful conversation.

A Jewish home promotes a knowledge and love of Torah as a collective and ongoing vision of our people.

A Jewish home shares its delight with guests of all faiths.

A Jewish home brings together singles in search of a life’s partner.

A Jewish home helps further the search for a life’s work.

A Jewish home does not turn away from the pain of the day.

A Jewish home shares its blessings.

A Jewish home shares the burden of angst that derives from living in this world.

A Jewish home is a source of well being and revives the spirit.

A Jewish home offers gratitude at meals and makes time, space, and nurturing for family members to have a home-based prayer life.

A Jewish home honors each family member and guest as created “in the image of G-d” and encourages each member of a family to hone their gifts and to share them passionately with others.

A Jewish home values and respects the environment and honors nature through daily actions and Jewish celebrations.

A Jewish home is the glue of neighborhood.

A Jewish home is the building block of community.

A Jewish home cooks meals at important times, and provides food to those celebrating birth, in need of healing and support, facing loss.

A Jewish home is “secured” by a mezuzah on its doorposts that proclaims a relationship to being aligned with G-d’s presence in this world to all who pass through its doors.

A Jewish home makes rest and replenishment holy.

A Jewish home celebrates the sacredness of a “world of doing” and serves as an “island of being” on Shabbat and holidays.

A Jewish home cannot desist from collective concern.

A Jewish home values the knowledge of history and celebrates heroism in the past and in the present.

A Jewish home remembers major triumph over pain.

A Jewish home welcomes and celebrates the asking of questions.

A Jewish home envisions the future as more perfect, and sees its mission as bringing that future into reality.

A Jewish home has a tzedakah box in recognition of our blessings and as an obligation to play our part in making the world a better place.

There are so many of us who have wandered from our Jewish homes, that we must intentionally recreate them in our lives.  

Gesher’s mission is to reseed the vibrance of Jewish homes.