So, now comes: Sukkot, our favorite holiday!  This year, We are excited and delighted to welcome our friends at Pnai Or into the Sukkah that they built at Gesher.  Sukkot is about joy, about being an earthling connected to the Earth, about being outside, about beginning again, without the heaviness of Yom Kippur.  Sukkot is about being open, vulnerable, with an openness and vulnerability that bring a special joy. 


We're inviting you to our

Pnai Or at Gesher Sukkot Celebrations

We welcome you to a magnificently arrayed Sukkah!  Pnai Or-nics have built it with majesty and beauty 

There will be three gatherings:

Sunday, October 16, 5 pm—Very Festive Potluck Dinner: (salad, side or main course)

Friday, October 23, 6 pm Dinner with Service (at 7:30 pm)—Very Festive Potluck: (salad, side or main course)

Saturday, October 24, 2-4 pm light vegetarian potluck—share stories and songs with Native American guests, who have just returned from Standing Rock Encampment